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Albany Harassment Lawyers

Have you been arrested for criminal mischief in New York State?  

        Under New York law, the crime of criminal mischief includes the destruction of someone else's property. Criminal mischief includes graffiti on walls and other acts of vandalism.  

        Criminal mischief charges can be misdemeanors or felonies, depending on the value of the property that is destroyed.  If the value of the destroyed or damaged property exceeds $250.00, then the criminal mischief charge is a felony.  Felonies are far more serious and carry possible prison sentences of more than one (1) year.

        Our Albany Criminal Mischief Lawyers 
understand what is at stake and can provide a favorable resolution of your criminal mischief charges.


        Virtually every time someone is charged with the crime of criminal mischief, the assistant district attorney handling the case will seek restitution.  Restitution is when the Court orders the defendant to pay the victim money so as to compensate the victim for damaged or stolen property. 

        If you hire us, we will not only represent you with respect to the criminal mischief charges, but we will represent you with respect to the issue of restitution.  We will discuss this important issue with you and work with you in crafting a strategy suited for your particular case. 


Misdemeanor - $600
Felony - $1,500-$3,000 depending on the degree

Call your Albany, New York Criminal Mischief Attorneys now at 518-389-2900.



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