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Have you been arrested for DWAI? 

        DWAI means driving while ability impaired.  This charge is less serious than DWI, although it still carries with it serious consequences.  

        If you are convicted of DWAI, your license will be suspended for 90 days (if it is your first offense).  Further, if you are convicted of DWAI, there will be fines (they could total more than $1,000) and your insurance rates will most likely go up.  

        If you have been arrested for DWAI in Albany County, you need aggressive and informed Albany DWAI Lawyers on your side to protect your rights and freedoms.   

        If you have been arrested for DWAI, you can count on us.  We will explain to you your options and ensure that your rights are protected. 

Our Fees       
        Our fee for DWAI is generally $500.  This amount covers the cost of our negotiating a plea agreement.  If you decide to fight the charges, there will be an additional fee. 

        If you have been charged with DWAI, call us now at 518-389-2900 for a Free Consultation.  
  Our Albany DWAI Attorneys will protect your rights!

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