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 Have you been arrested for DWI?  

        If so, you are probably worrying about how this will impact your future.  You are also probably concerned that you will have a criminal record and that you will lose your driver's license. 

       There is no need to fear.  We can help.
 If you have been arrested for DWI, you need a partner on your side fighting for you.  Our aggressive and informed 
Albany DWI Lawyers can protect your rights and freedoms.   

        If you have been arrested for DWI, you can count on us.  We will explain your options to you and ensure that your rights are protected.  Call us now at 518-389-2900 for your free consultation.

        Certain factors can make your DWI arrest more serious.  In these cases it is particularly important that you have a DWI lawyer.  Some of the factors are as follows: 

 1.  You have a commercial driver's license.  There is a different set of rules for those with a commercial driver's license. 

    2.  You refused to take the breathalyzer test.  

    3.  You have a prior arrest or arrests for DWI or DUI. 

    4.  There is a traffic accident involved. 

    5.  You attempted to evade or flee from the police.

       Call our 
Albany,NY DWI Attorneys now to protect your criminal record and driver's license.

Our Fees
        Our fee for DWI starts as low as $750.  The exact amount of our fee will depend on a variety of factors including your criminal history, what you are charged with and whether you wish to fight the case.  In many DWI cases, it makes more sense for us to negotiate a resolution with the district attorney's office than it does to take the case to trial.  This, however, will depend on the facts of your DWI case.

 Call 518-389-2900 now to schedule a free consultation with one of our Albany,NY DWI Attorneys.

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