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Have you been arrested for having a fake ID in New York State?  
       Many high school and college students in the State of New York use fake IDs to purchase alcohol, get into bars and nightclubs, and engage in other activities that they are too young to legally participate in.  This is especially true here in the Capital Region where there are many instutitions of higher learning. Many people view using a fake ID as a rite of passage for young people. 

          While the use of fake IDs is common in this State, New York law takes fake IDs very serious
. Possessing a fake form of identification can constitute a variety of different crimes.  

        If you are caught possessing someone else's driver's license, your conduct could constitute Criminal Impersonation. If you are caught making a fake driver's license in New York State, your conduct can be considered Forgery. Possession of an altered driver's license can be considered Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument, depending on what you did with it. 

           If you have been charged with possessing or making a fake ID, you need a partner on your side who will fight for you and protect your future.  We will do just that.  Our Albany Fake ID Lawyers are on your side.

Possible Punishments

        If you are caught using a fake id, the judge has the power to sentence you to jail time.  Further, if you are convicted of using a fake ID, you will have a permanent criminal record.  This could hurt your ability to get a job in the future.  
        When the stakes are this high, you need an experienced and knowledgeable attorney.  Call us now to protect your future.  


Misdemeanor  - $500-$800
Felony - $1,500-$3,000

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