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Albany Harassment Lawyers

Did you lose your temper and say something you did not mean?  

    Under New York law, the crime of harassment includes a variety of behaviors that people engage in when they are in the heat of the moment.  For example, if you threatened someone, you can be charged with the crime of harassment.  Moreover, if you pushed someone or said something likely to cause annoyance or alarm, you can be charged with the crime of harassment.  

    Our Albany Harassment Lawyers 
understand that, on occasion, people lose their tempers.  We understand that most harassment charges are the result of marital or relationship difficulties.  We have helped many people in your position and can
provide you with a favorable resolution of your harassment case.

Orders of Protection

    Virtually every time someone is charged with the crime of harassment, the assistant district attorney handling the case will seek an order of protection in favor of the alleged victim. If you hire us, we will not only represent you with respect to the criminal charges, but we will represent you with respect to the order of protection.  In some cases, it makes sense to fight the order of protection.  In other cases, it makes more sense to consent to the order of protection in exchage for a favorable resolution of your criminal charges.  We will discuss this important issue with you and work with you in crafting a strategy suited for your particular case.


Harassment in the 2nd degree (violation) - $350
Aggravated harassment in the 2nd degree (misdemeanor) - between $500-$750
Harassment in the first degree (misdemeanor) - between $500 and $750
Aggravated Harassment in the 1st degree (felony) - $1,500

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