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Albany Harassment Lawyers

Have you been arrested for stalking in New York State?  

        The crime of stalking includes a course of repeated unwanted conduct between two (2) people.  This can be physical following, eavesdropping, attempts to contact someone via telephone or through the internet. 

        Our Albany Stalking Lawyers 
understand that, on occasion, people accuse others of stalking as a means of seeking revenge.  We also understand that some people mistake conduct for stalking.  

        If you have been charged with stalking, you need aggressive legal representation.  If you hire us, we will give your case personal attention and conduct a thorough investigation.  We can
provide you with a favorable resolution of your stalking case.

Orders of Protection

        Many times, when someone is charged with the crime of stalking, the assistant district attorney handling the case will seek an order of protection in favor of the alleged victim. If you hire us, we will not only represent you with respect to the criminal charges, but we will represent you with respect to the order of protection.  We will discuss this important issue with you and work with you in crafting a strategy suited for your particular case. 


        Stalking charges can be misdemeanors or felonies, depending on the facts and circumstances of the case.  Felonies are far more serious and carry possible prison sentences of more than one (1) year.

Misdemeanor - $600-$750
Felony - $1,500-$3,500

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