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Albany,NY Criminal Lawyers

While we practice primarily in Albany, Schenectady, Saratoga and Rensselaer counties, we are willing and able to represent clients from other counties in select cases.

        We have been helping many people with criminal issues.  Here is what some of our former clients have to say:

I tell all my friends to use John - Sean, Albany, NY
          I was charged with many criminal offenses in several different courts and John [McFadden] helped me with each of the charges.  I tell all my friends to use John!

Thank you so much! - C.E., Albany, NY 
        I am not a criminal, but one day I made a stupid mistake. John [McFadden] ensured that I would
 have no criminal record.

Mr. McFadden did a great job - M.S., Albany, NY
        I am a college student and I was falsely accused of a crime.  Mr. McFadden understood that I could have trouble finding a job if I was convicted.  Mr. McFadden did a great job and soon my record will be totally clean.        

Mr. McFadden went the extra mile- J.L., Schodack, NY
         I was accused of a very serious crime and John (McFadden) went the extra mile to make sure everything went okay and that I was protected. I can't thank him enough.

Mr. was Wonderful - HM - New York City
      Mr. McFadden made our experience the best it could be.  He was wonderful to speak to, understanding, and always answered our calls.  

Priceless -  RP - New York City
      The relief of stress that Mr. McFadden gave us with his competence and concern has been priceless.

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