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Albany Robbery lawyers

Do you feel that you have wrongfully been convicted of a crime?
        If you have been convicted of a crime, all hope is not lost.  You have the right to appeal to a higher court.

    At the law firm of Rhoades, Cunningham & McFadden, PLLC, our attorneys excel not only at representing those charged with crimes, but also with representing clients after their case is closed.  We understand how the appellate process works and can ensure that your rights are protected by filing an appeal.  

       If you have been convicted of a crime, you need a set of "fresh eyes" to review your case.  It is possible that the lawyer handling your case made errors which negatively impacted your case.   It is also possible that the judge presiding over your case made errors.  We will try to exploit those errors for you.

Call our Albany,New York Criminal Appeals Lawyers now at 518-389-2900 for your free consultation  We will review the basic facts of the case and let you know how likely you are to succeed on appeal.  You have nothing to lose by calling us and everything to gain.

        Do not delay.  There are strict time limitations when it comes to criminal appeals. If you or are loved one are considering a criminal appeal, call us now for your free consultation at 518-389-2900
Our Fee

        Our fee for criminal appeals is generally $5,000. This is a flat fee which covers the cost of our preparing and arguing the appeal.  There are no hidden charges.  You will not pay us more than $5,000 for the appeal.

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