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Have you or a loved one been arrested for disorderly conduct?

           Disorderly conduct includes most kinds of unruly or disturbing behaviors. Disorderly conduct is used by police officers as a “catch-all” charge for minor offenses. In other words, when police officers cannot think of another other crime to charge you with, they will charge you with disorderly conduct.

        Disorderly conduct goes hand in hand with alcohol use.  If you have been charged with disorderly conduct, odds are you were using alcohol at the time of the alleged incident.  The most common reason people are charged with disorderly conduct is that they drink too much and become rowdy.

        Our Albany Disorderly Conduct Lawyers have helped many people in your position and understand what is at stake.  In many cases, we can get the disorderly conduct charges dismissed if you meet certain conditions (like community service or staying out of trouble for 6 months).  

        Do not go unrepresented!  Protect your future by calling us now at 518-389-2900.  

Possible Punishments

        Disorderly conduct is a violation.  If you are convicted of disorderly conduct, you can serve up to fifteen (15) days in jail.  The fine and surcharges for disorderly conduct when combined are generally $375.00.  Also, disorderly conduct has a funny way of coming up on background checks, although this technically should not happen.

        Our Albany, New York Disorderly Conduct Attorneys will meet with you in person, without charge to discuss the facts of your case and explain your options. 

Our fees

        Our fee for disorderly conduct is $300.  This is a flat fee and you will not pay more unless your case goes to trial, which is unlikely.


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