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Albany Harassment Lawyers

Have you been arrested for endangering the welfare of a child in New York State?  

        Under New York law, you are guilty of the crime of Endangering the Welfare of a Child if you are a parent or guardian of a child and you fail to use “reasonable diligence" over that child. As you can tell, this statute is extremely vague.  This makes is easy for law enforcement to charge someone who did very little, or nothing, wrong.   

         Worse yet, Endangering the Welfare of a Child is a class “A” misdemeanor, which means that that the maximum penalty is one year in jail.  You will also have a permanent criminal record if you are convicted. Not to mention you will suffer the embarrassment that comes with being charged with this offense.

There is no need to fear.  We can help.
 Our Albany,NY Endangering the Welfare of a Child Lawyers 
understand that many people are charged with this offense despite the fact that they are good parents.  We also understand that these charges often involve false allegations and exaggerated testimony.  If you hire us, we will conduct a thorough investigation to determine the strength of the case against you.

        We conduct this investigation to ensure that you have the best defense possible.  We can
provide you with a favorable resolution of your case.

Orders of Protection

        Often times, when someone is charged with the crime of Endangering the Welfare of a Child, the assistant district attorney handling the case will seek an order of protection in favor of the alleged victim. If you hire us, we will not only represent you with respect to the criminal charges, but we will represent you with respect to the order of protection.  We will discuss this important issue with you and work with you in crafting a strategy suited for your particular case. 


$750.00.  This is flat fee.  You will not pay more unless your case goes to trial, which is unlikely. 

Call your Albany, NY Endangering the Welfare of a Child Attorneys now at 518-389-2900.

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