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Albany,NY Criminal Lawyers - Albany,NY Criminal Defense Attorneys

     Is a criminal conviction from many years ago impacting your life?

     Is your criminal record preventing you from getting a professional license or the job you want?

     If so, you have come to the right place.  Our New York criminal lawyers understand the law and more importantly, we understand that people can turn their lives around.  We believe that a criminal conviction from many years ago should not prevent you from being successful.

       How We Can Help You

    Under New York law, a person generally cannot have his/her criminal record expunged (there two limited exceptions to this).   But this does not mean that you are out of luck.
      Under New York law, you may be entitled to something known as a Certificate of Relief from Disabilities.  A Certificate of Relief from Disabilities will eliminate many of the problems that a criminal record causes.  For example, those with felony convictions are ineligible for receiving most professional licenses.  If you receive the certificate, you will be eligible for these licenses.  The certificate will also create a presumption that you have been rehabilitated.  This is important to many employers.

    Our Fee
    Our New York criminal lawyers will apply for a Certificate of Relief from Disabilities for you for only $750.  This is a flat fee and you will not pay more. 

    Call our New York Expungement Lawyers now at 518-389-2900 to schedule your free consultation.  

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